This route runs through the mountain of l’Ombria, to the south of our municipality. It starts at the municipal sports centre, and continues along the streets D. Juan de Austria, Plaza República de Malta, Corts Valencianes up to the bridge that crosses the river Vaca.

We continue to the left and cross the bridge, arriving at a fork of three paths, we follow the one in the centre, towards the Pont del Riu. After about 200 metres, cross the Badell over another bridge, and continue along the path until you reach the crossroads with the l’Ombria path.

At this crossroads, continue south along the Cadira path until you reach the foot of the mountain, where you leave the tarmac and after a short stretch of dirt track, you reach the path that zigzags up the left side of the Cremades ravine.

The path crosses a pine grove and reaches the upper part where it continues along a flat area until it reaches a forest track. Continue along this track until you reach a fork where you take a left, on this path you will find the cistern, an old cistern for collecting water.

We continue along the forest track, in the middle of a pine forest, towards the east, until we reach the path on the left, which is signposted, which we follow and which will take us to the pla de les Foietes. On this section of the route you can enjoy the landscape to the east, with the sea in the background, from Cullera to Montgó.


We cross the Pla de les Foietes, old abandoned olive groves, until we reach a house on the right of the path, surrounded by cultivated fields of olive and fruit trees.

From here the path starts to zigzag down the Foietes ravine until it reaches the foot of the mountain. We continue descending along a path between orange groves until we reach the Gandía path.

Turn left and continue along the Gandia camí, leaving a tunnel on your right that crosses the motorway. Continue in a northerly direction until you reach a crossroads where you turn left again, this time in a westerly direction.

The path will take us to the crossroads with the l’Ombria path, which we will follow until we reach the crossroads with the Cadira and Pont del Riu paths, following the same route as at the beginning of the route, until we reach the municipal sports centre.

Bear in mind that in the section of the camí de l’Ombria that we follow, there are signs to access the Bolomor cave.

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