This route shows the four ecosystems of this environment: agricultural, forest, marine and wetland. Each of them has its own characteristics that are detailed in order to appreciate this peculiar spot, because it is unusual to find ecosystems that are so different from one another within a few kilometres. You can appreciate the vegetation, fauna and views from Racó de Joana to Ullal Gran i Penyetes.

The route begins leaving the urban environment behind, passing through an agricultural area, where you can see how terraces have been built, gaining ground on the mountain to plant orange trees. The route continues along the path that enters the forest ecosystem. This area, which is made up of two ecosystems, the agricultural and the forest, is called the Racó de Joana.

The Racó de Joana starts on the Portitxol path, crosses the agricultural ecosystem and reaches the forest ecosystem, where the hermitage of San Lorenzo and the recreational area are located.

From here, following the track, we reach the Mirador del Mediterraneo, a forest ecosystem par excellence. From this viewpoint you can see the marine ecosystem, to the south is Cabo de San Antonio, and to the north Cabo Blanco and Cullera. The orange groves from the road to the railway line used to be rice fields (La Partida) and in Tavernes they were transformed into orange groves in the second half of the 20th century. If you look towards the north you can still see the rice fields in the municipalities of Favara and Cullera.

Going down the Mirador path, you will reach the Ullal Gran i de les Penyetes, to the east of the Racó de Joana. This wetland ecosystem is totally different from the agricultural and forest ecosystem. It is a natural source of underground water, with its own vegetation and fauna. This is where the route of the senses begins.

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