Nest boxes for birds audio.




The installation of nest boxes in to compensate for the lack of cavities in the zone offering apt places where birds can nest safely. These birds, in exchange, will offer us excellent environmental services like the control of insect infestations or the dispersion of seeds.


All the bird species destined to occupy the nest boxes (tits, hoopoes, brown owls, sparrows and bats) are mainly insectivores and are therefore considered as auxiliary fauna by the environmental services because of the service they provide to society.


Some of these birds are even capable of feeding off stinging insects like the feared Pine Moth.


Did you know that only one pair of great tits needs to hunt 20 kilos of insects to be able to feed their fledglings?


*The boxes and shelters can contain species in full reproduction. It is important to minimise all types of annoyance. We must never pick up fledglings from the ground. Their parents will look after them when they cannot detect the presence of people in the area. Let’s respect Wildlife! Biodiversity is our ally.


Nest boxes for birds.